The Recollector | Spaarnestad Photo | Jasper de Beijer


Jasper de Beijer is an artist, born in 1973 and living in Amsterdam, Holland. 
He has had a series of international exhibitions and is represented by a number of well known galleries.
His main discipline is constructed photography, building all elements in the picture from the ground up.

The main focus in De Beijer's work lies in the fascination of the source material he finds. Mostly he finds this in historical material; in the periphery of events, where confrontations between worlds or cultures create a new reality.
Following this fascination the need rises to recreate the situation from the found material; so the artist can make his own testimonial which he can manipulate as he sees fit.
De Beijer uses any means necessary to reconstruct: mostly building scale models, which are combined with materials made in his studio (costumes, props, studio settings) and computer generated images. He assembles these elements digitally to new images, creating his own unique imagery.

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